REVIEW: TONY MOLY's Egg Pore Series

First beauty review – please go easy on me all you beauty gurus out there. I recently bought Tony Moly’s Egg Pore (steps 1 and 2) to make my strawberry nose go away. My blackheads are so bad that it actually does make my nose look like a strawberry.. Hopefully doing this fortnightly will make it less evident, and reduce the amount of blackheads that I have.

Blackheads are always a huge concern of mine, so I was looking online for some products that got some good reviews for reducing those nasty pores, and I stumbled across the Tony Moly Egg Pores. Since they had such a cute design and name, I thought – why not?

The Tony Moly Egg Pore Series has two skin care related products. It is recommended to use the two products together for the most optimal effect. Each one cost roughly $18 CAD and can be found at the Tony Moly store in Aberdeen.

Step 1: Tony Moly’s Blackhead Steam Balm

I didn’t find many reviews on this product. The packaging is really cute, but deceiving since you would think that the entire egg is filled with the product, or at least 70% of it – but it’s only the bottom part of the egg that contains the product. The texture is really sticky, and has beads to help scrub off the dead skin cells.

The balm, as the name suggests, heats up upon application and gives your skin a tingly feeling. I would suggest applying water on your nose/cheeks prior to applying this balm since the texture makes it hard to scrub without H2O! Even though it is a clear, gelish balm it turns slightly soapy after scrubbing it.

It says to scrub for roughly 2-3 minutes around the troubled areas (nose & cheeks for me) and then rinse all of it off. I did feel that my pores were slightly bigger after the use, which means that this product is actually doing it’s job. You could actually try to use a strip to get rid of the blackheads; however, using strips are worse than just trying to wash out the dirt with water!

Step 2: Tony Moly’s Tightening Cooling Pack

I don’t really know how well a steam balm and cooling pack would work together. It would open my pores and then just close them? I feel like I’m missing a step in the middle get id of the dirt and impurities from my nose and cheeks, but since that is what they suggest..Let’s keep going.
The product comes in the same container as the steam balm. The texture is spongey, and weird – almost like touching whipped egg whites but surprisingly when you apply it, it applies like a mask!
It has a cooling effect, and felt nice to put on my nose. I think it will work well when you want to tighten your pores after removing your blackheads!


I don’t know why they would recommend using the two products together, but here is a before and after photo of my lovely strawberry nose.
Frankly, I don’t think it did much, except make my pores look a lot smaller than before. It stayed that way for 1 day and my pores went back to my normal size, but it didn’t look like my blackheads were gone. I do think I might be missing some in-between step after using the steam balm, if anyone has any idea – let me know!
Rating for Blackhead Steam Balm: 3.5/5
– It did a good job opening my pores.
Rating for Tightening Cooling Pack: 3/5
– Effect is not long-lasting, and I could essentially just use cold water to close my pores the same way
I would not purchase these products again since there are a lot of other more effective blackhead products out there.

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