LANEIGE Haul from Hong Kong ♡

Recently, I was in Hong Kong and I splurged on all things AB and Skin care. Laneige, right now, is one of my most favourite Korean Skin Care brands. Not because of the endorsements from Song Hye Kyo (ok maybe), but the products actually work for my dry and quenched-for-thirst skin. Here is one of my favourite hauls from Laneige. I will be doing a review on each one of these products later on!

Two Tone Lip Bar

The Two Tone Lip Bar line was the first product I have ever purchased from Laneige, and I will not regret how much I have spent on these babies. These bars have two shades that are combined onto one lip to give your lip the “Bitten Lip” effect that is really popular in Korea. They retail for 210HKD and can be found in any Laneige stores. They currently have 14 shades out, and their most popular ones are No. 4 Milk Blurring from the original line, and No. 11 Juicy Pop and No. 12 Maxi Red (which are new and are currently being endorsed by Song Hye Kyo and Lee Sung Kyung). If you want to check out how each colour looks, they provide a sample on their website. But I will also be doing a review on these later!

Water Bank Series

Ahh Water Bank. The greatest thing that has ever come out of Laneige in my opinion. Since my skin is dry – combination oily, I really need water to help balance out the oils to prevent getting my pores clogged from all the dirt and oil. How lovely Laneige has this product!
I purchased the Water Bank Essence Ex and their Water Sleeping Mask, which I found at Bonjour, that sells these products at a lot less than retail. However, it is important to note that when purchasing from Bonjour, Colour Mix or Sasa for a much cheaper price than retail comes with a risk that it is potentially a fake. So remember to always check the manufactured/ expiry date and compare it with the ones that they sell in the actual stores.
I’m really excited to try these products out and see how well they hydrate my skin! I love their packaging and how they came out with a line that is great for dry skin, dry weather, to help out our dry skin buddies out here! I heard that these two products used together give the best effect for supple and soft skin – so hopefully I will be able to do a review on these two soon as well :)

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