REVIEW: ABOUT ME Skin Tone Up Massage Cream

In Hong Kong, Skin Care is an absolute craze. You can walk for less than 5 minutes and hit at least one Sasa, Bonjour or Colormix, maybe even a Korean Cosmetics store like Etude House. While I was there I saw a video on YouTube about a product that can “detox” and bring out the dirt and impurities from your skin. Yep! You guessed it, it’s the About Me Skin Tone Up Massage Cream.

This is a product endorsed by SISTAR and was apparently really popular in Hong Kong, because people thought it could help brighten your skin and get rid of their “yellowness” – but it’s really mainly to cleanse your skin’s impurities. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find many reviews of this in English except from The Beauty Breakdown and Jolse.

The product comes in a jar (150 ml), as shown above and it comes with a spatula – which is great. It makes me really sad when certain creams/gels or products in tubs don’t come with a spatula because it’s kind of gross to “double-dip” with your finger. Not very sanitary for a fellow germaphobe like me (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. The packaging is lovely, and at first I thought the jar was made of glass but it’s actually plastic! The product itself is white, and although you can’t see it in the picture there are little specs of black dots in it – they are really tiny (I couldn’t see it in some of the pictures of other reviews either).

product on spatch

According to the SISTAR video and the reviews, you need to get an approriate? amount that is enough to cover your entire face. Make sure you are applying your product on a clean face, without any make up etc.  Even though they say that it can work as a make-up remover, I don’t think it is super effective as one due to its texture and the way its applied. It has a lemony scent and contains lemon extract which means it should have some brightening effects to it. You want to make sure that you have enough to create a decently layer for you to be able to massage your face for around 1-2 minutes. After you apply it, draw circles for several minutes and then stop for 10-15 seconds – the weirdest thing starts to happen. The cream becomes clear and its texture starts to become very oily.

The Steps

After it turns oily, continue massaging for another 30 sec – 1 min, and then wipe off the oil with a cotton pad – what you wipe off is super gross! It’s yellow and brown, I didn’t know I had that much dirt on my face – it really helps wipe off any excess make up or sunscreen that you might have missed while you cleansed your face. After wiping the oil off, you can choose to leave the remaining product on your face as a moisturiser, or wash it off with water and continue on with your usual routine. I wash it off, because I find it too oily for my face but it works great as a step after I wash my make up off!


All in all, I think this is a really great product! They recommend you to use it 2-3 times/ week, but I think because it contains lemon extract as an ingredient – it’s better to only use it 1-2 times/ week. I use it once a week and each time it leaves my skin feeling soft and bouncy. It also helped my skin absorb serums and creams a lot easier after using it so my skin has been a lot more moisturised lately rather than dry.

About Me Skin Tone Up Rating: 3.5/5
– This product wouldn’t be good on oily skin or if you currently have pimples/acne because it gets quite oily

– I wish it came with a tutorial sheet in the box, or something that tells you how to use it. The one I bought didn’t have any instructions so I had to go with the reviews and videos that I watched
– Effects are not long-lasting, but it allows better absorption of serums and creams after using it
– Skin felt hydrated, and bouncy after use

I’ve used it a couple times and my skin always feels refreshed when applying it. I believe you can order this on Memebox. However, if you are in Hong Kong or Asia, you can find this in any cosmetic store (Sasa, Wishh!, Bonjour and Colourmix) and they retail roughly around 150-200HKD. Definitely worth trying, and I will most likely keep using it until I find something better that does something similar. Let me know if you’ve tried this before and how it went for you! Happy Skin Caring ♡


6 thoughts on “REVIEW: ABOUT ME Skin Tone Up Massage Cream

  1. Nice! This reminds me of a mask that I just received from Beauteque Beauty Bag called Deoproce Strawberry Yogurt Massage Cream. It also goes on your face as white and then eventually becomes clear and leaves an oil that you can massage and leave on your face:)

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    • Thanks for reading! yaaa, oh – I should go check that out, the massage cream concept where it turns into oil is really growing on me the more I use it :)


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