MASSIVE Mask Haul from THE FACE SHOP + Thoughts

Ever since I came back from Hong Kong, I noticed that The Face Shop in Richmond Centre was having a BUY 10 GET 5 FREE deal. Each mask is $2CAD, so you’re essential getting 15 masks for $20CAD! WHAT A DEAL!! o(≧∇≦o) Sheet masks are definitely one of the best things you can do before a good nights sleep! I hesitated buying it because I hauled back a lot of masks from HK and I don’t think I can get through them all in time! But at the right that I’m using masks right now.. I just might be able to finish everything before the end of this year. I definitely can’t not use a mask because after a couple days not using anything my skin is already feeling so so so soooo dry. Anyways, check out what I bought and what I thought about these masks!

I picked several different masks based on my skin needs (mainly hydration and nourishment). I also bought the Rice Mask since I heard a lot of good things about it. There were a few firming and brightening ones that I bought as well! Prior to purchasing these, I heard really good things about The Face Shop masks, so when I saw their promo – HECK YEA!! And I bought as many as I could to try. For those who are interested, I believe the promotion in Richmond Centre is still going on – probably once every summer! They also sell a pack of 10 masks at 30% off, BUT compared to the buy 10 get 5 free it is not as worth.

Nerdy Moment: I thought about getting the 30% off deal, but you don’t get to choose your 10 masks, and if you want an extra 5 masks, you’ll end up paying more than you would for the buy 10 get 5 free deal. IMG_4153 copy

A couple important things to note here, a lot of The Face Shop masks are said to be paraben-free and drenched in serum. Some of them don’t say it (Pomegranate), which I found quite odd and inconsistent with the other masks. Maybe one batch is older and one batch is newer? (・_・ヾ

Anyhoo! I can DEFINITELY attest to how drenched these masks are. They drip with gooey goodness the minute you take them out of the package! The after effect is alright, since each mask individually costs $2, I would not have any super duper high hopes for the lasting power and strength – but they worked pretty well. My skin felt well moisturised after a long day. Gooey

One thing I would have to say is that these masks do not fit my face well. AT ALL. They are waaaaaay to big for my face, and even though I pushed away all the air bubbles, I’m still smothered with air bubbles :( Pardon my unattractive face but I wasn’t too happy about the fit of the mask. It did not fit my face width-wise and length-wise. It felt a bit awkward around my mouth area when I put matched it to my forehead. So I definitely have to find a happy medium and the best spot to put it in whenever I use these masks.

face fit

NOTE TO ALL!!! Avoid their masks that contain parabens or the ones that don’t say “Formula without added parabens”. The ones that I found in their masks are mainly Methylparaben(causes additional stress to your skin and eyes and makes it easier to be damaged from UV rays) and Propylparaben(messes with your hormones by mimicking estrogen). Although they are near the end of the ingredients list, it’s still important to take precaution with these especially for those with sensitive skin like me!

Pros: super refreshing, some are paraben-free, drenched in serum, pre-cut for easier folding and adjusting to face shape
Cons: didn’t really fit my face that well, scent was too strong for certain sheet masks, some stung way to much (my skin is way too dry), parabens found in the ingredients list, inconsistent ingredients between certain masks (some have parabens, some don’t)
Fragrance? Too strong!! Some masks smelt like alcohol too (´;д;`)
Repurchase? Only the completly paraben-free ones
Rating out of 5: 2


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