AB Dilemmas: How to Save a Broken Bottle/Container

A few days ago, I went to Aritaum and purchased a lip/eye cleanser. I originally wanted to buy the one from Laneige which retails at $20CAD, but they were sold out.. So I settled for the $9CAD Aritaum cleanser. It’s really so so cheap. Two times cheaper compared to the cleanser from Laneige. Anyways – I went shopping with the namjachingu, and while I was testing out different gels/creams on his hand I dropped the newly bought cleanser on the floor. I thought it was fine at first, but when we checked inside the bag, it was all wet.. because the cleanser bottle cracked and it was leaking everywhere. It might not be a big deal to a lot of you but to a beauty addict this called for an emergency situation.

The bottle was broken and cracked on the bottom, so I held it upside down until I got home. But before that I went to buy a couple of new containers (travel sized). The only place that had them was from The Face Shop ($3CAD for 2, 50ml bottles).

What happens when a plastic bottle cracks? What should you do?!!?! – panics – IT’S OKAY. STAY CALM.
You only need the following:
– Nail polish
– Candle
– Lighter
– Containers
– Funnel/ plastic syringe

What you do is first apply nail polish to the crack, let it dry. Then light the candle and drip the wax onto the crack and wait for the wax to dry up. After that you should be able to move all the contents of your bottle to a different container! PRODUCT SAVED.

Broken bottle

I honestly don’t know how this one drop caused almost the entire bottom of the bottle to crack, and leak from every single possible place. At least, I got lucky because the container was plastic and not glass.. otherwise I would be crying.


That is what it looks like after putting on a layer of nail polish, and dripping candle wax on top of the crack. If you’re worried about that stuff getting into your product, then just drip enough wax to seal the hole so that you can transfer everything in the container to a different one.


I had to use a syringe to transfer the product into the smaller bottles because I horrible at pouring things from one container to another so I didn’t want to spill everything. This is also really handy because you’ll know that you won’t lose any product. And now my newly bought lip and eye remover are in three cute little bottles that I got from The Face Shop.


On a positive note, at least I can carry these with me when I go travelling, so I got that going for me. Really bummed out I couldn’t that pictures of the actually product inside the Aritaum container for my review though. But IT’S OKAY. Because the content is more important than the weak sauce packaging. ; u ; If this happens to you ever, and I hope it doesn’t because it’s actually so sad to watch it drop on the floor, I hope this helps you out!


5 thoughts on “AB Dilemmas: How to Save a Broken Bottle/Container

    • Thanks for reading!! I’m glad you found it useful :). oh nooo T_T hopefully the bottle only cracked a bit so not a lot of product spilled out. Out of curiosity, what toner did you get?


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