Lip Tinting with Etude House and Peri Pera

Is the lip tinting fad still in? I know right now there’s definitely a lot of love for matte liquid lip sticks with Kylie Jenner’s lipkits and all, but lip tinting and the gradient lip is so pretty! In Uncontrollably Fond, you can see Suzy from Miss A apply a lippie from Memebox only in the inner areas of her lips to create that look. Or even in Doctors where Lee Sung Kyung is using the Laneige Two Tone Lip bar, check out my review on those here! During my stay in lovely Hong Kong, I went crazy looking for different products that acted as a lip tint to create a natural gradient effect. I settled with one from Etude House and one from Peri Pera. Read more to see how they compare, and look!

The products that I got were Etude House’s Rosy Lip Tint in shade No.3 Rose Petal, and Peri Pera’s Peri’s Milk Tint in shade No.2 Milky Peach. Let’s take a more in depth look at each one.

Etude House – Rosy Lip Tint (No.3 Rose Petal)

rosy lip tintThe Rosy Lip Tint is applied similarly to those lip glosses where you squeeze the product out first and then spread it with the slanted applicator. Unlike those lip glosses, these come with a fluffy-looking applicator to make it easier to apply to your lips since the product itself is actually quite thick. The applicator also picks up a lot of colour on its own, so if you ever want a light application, or a touch up – you don’t have to squeeze any extra product out. It’s efficient, and easy to use which is what makes it quite a popular product (according to the sales associate). Also, in case you think the applicator is soft because it has a bit of fuzz on it, it’s not. It’s the same feeling as those lip glosses with the plastic slant, except this one is rounded and has fuzz.

These tints also got a nice rosy scent to them, the fragrance is not very overwhelming. There are currently 6 shades, and cost $11.10USD. The stain is fairly strong if you decide to apply the product full on, but I did find it just a tad bit drying.

Peri Pera – Peri’s Milk Tint (No.2 Milky Peach)

pEri peraPeri’s Milk Tint, as in its name, has a milky consistency for its tint rather than the usual water tints that you see. It comes in the typical liquid lipstick container, and a dull foot applicator. I did find that the applicator felt shorter than it usually does, probably because I’m more used to longer lippies – it didn’t bother me that much. I chose this colour because I don’t have any peach and orangey shades, I also read it from this review and it looked really nice! One thing I did notice was the fragrance, it didn’t smell as nice as the one from Etude House. It has a sweet candy-like smell, it didn’t bother me when I smelt it – but it bothered me a bit when I applied it.

Despite the scent, these have a very very strong lasting power. Sadly, I don’t think it showed up very well on my lips. I thought it would have a stronger peach colour to it. Compared to the Rosy Tint Lip, it wasn’t as drying. Especially since I only do it in the inner areas of my lips. Gotta go for that gradient effect. These go for $10.15USD from Amazon, they’re way cheaper from Koreadepart ($4.29USD). Compared to most lip tints and most brands, this is definitely a cheaper brand that also works quite well at tinting.


Swatches on hands

Etude House – Rosy Lip Tint (No.3 Rose Petal)
I swatched the different levels of pigmentation that you can achieve with this tint.

1st swatch – without squeezing the product (after a couple times of use).
2nd swatch – one squeeze and blending it out with the tip
3rd swatch – squeezing and blending at the same time until its no longer translucent

Peri Pera – Peri’s Milk Tint (No.2 Milky Peach)
The swatch was done without any blending. It definitely leans more to an orange than peach, but its quite a nice shade. I think the tint looks better without any blending. The downside is that you’ll have to wait a bit for it to dry.

Lip Swatches!

swatches on lips fixed

Etude House – Rosy Lip Tint (No.3 Rose Petal)
Rosy colour, the tip made it a lot easier to blend to create a nice gradient effect. While it looks red in the picture it does carry a neon pink undertone to it, so if you’re not one to go for those kinds of colours, then you can try out their other shades as well! I thought it would create a bitten lip look, but it looks like I need an even darker shade of red.

Peri Pera – Peri’s Milk Tint (No.2 Milky Peach)
Definitely more natural compared to the Rosy Tint Lip. It’s also harder to see in daylight, so if you want your tints to be more obvious – this shade will not be one to go for.

Lasting Power?Wash off power

I mentioned waay above that they are pretty strong tints, and has a strong lasting power. When I was washing them off my arm after swatching, even though I used a cleanser (it might be because the cleanser isn’t extremely strong either), you can still see the tints. Even though I didn’t squeeze any product from the first swatch of the Rosy Lip Tint, you can still kind of see it on my arm! For reference, the cleanser I used was the Shu Uemura Brightening and Polishing Gentle Cleansing Oil.

I have to say that they are both lovely colours, but I will probably use the one from Etude House more just because the scent from the Peri Pera tint is a little too much for me. Besides that, I love how strong they are at tinting and these colours work well for any occasion. The Peri Pera Peri’s Milk Tint (No.2 Milky Peach) will definitely work for days that you want to look more low-key and natural. The Etude House Rosy Tint Lip (No.3 Rose Petal) will definitely go well with a natural look, as well as an edgy one. I would definitely give both of them a try!


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