[UNBOXING] – Beauteque Haul

Recently I made a purchase on Beauteque and it arrived yesterday!! I was so excited I brought it with me to open in the car. They are a subscription box site, but they also have products that you can purchase individually. I saw that they had a 40% off discount on certain products which meant lots of savings, for lots of new things to try out! Keep on reading to find out what I bought!

Here is a timeline of roughly how long you may have to wait if you are ordering from CANADA:

August 2 – Placed my goodies in cart and paid, received order confirmation right after
August 4 – Order finished processing and shipped, received tracking number (USPS), order on website changed to completed
August 11 – Order received around 10AM

So it took roughly a little over a week, which I would say is pretty fast! Below is a screenshot of the items I ordered. Since the 40% discount was applied, the total came to $44.88USD – what a deal right?? Especially since its for 6 products!!

screenshot from Beauteque.com

So the package came in a simple box, it was pretty light which is good considering when you ship to Canada you have to pay by weight. I have yet to find a store that ships from the US that includes free shipping. There are some, but they require you to purchase over $100 and that’s quite steep for me. Eep. Anyways, the box (see below) is taped around once, and then the Beauteque label is slapped on top. When you open the box you will see some tissue paper.

the box.jpg

And then as you keep digging into the box, Beauteque puts in two cards – one promoting their subscription boxes, and one thank you card that includes a discount code for you next purchase. My order came with two free masks. TWO! I honestly was only expecting one at most, because it did say orders over $35 would get free masks. Pretty happy it came with two! When you place your order you can specify or leave a request – I left one asking for masks specifically for dry skin if it came with any and that’s what they gave me. Talk about stellar customer service, eh?

All my products were wrapped in bubble wrap, so it makes you feel at ease knowing that they travelled safely because of the ultimate protection from bubble wraps. The plus side is that I also get to pop them. Hohoho

more inside

I purchased a total of 3 lipsticks, 2 shadow sticks, 1 eye cream, and got two free masks. I checked my lipsticks to make sure none of them were faulty/broken/chipped, and my shadow sticks came in a plastic wrap. The lipsticks and shadow sticks are for me to play around with because they came in super cute colours (and was cheap). The eye cream is the Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream (contains EGF [Epidermal Growth Formula]) – it said it helps with firming and wrinkles – so I bought it for my mum to try since she’s being eyeing different eye creams lately. Although I want to give the eye cream a try too (I probably will hehehe)

The two masks I got are Aritaum sheet masks, pearl and hyaluronic acid – I checked both ingredients and guess what?? They don’t contain parabens (woohoo!)!

a closer look.jpg

Overall, I really liked how quickly my order came and how I was notified of my order status change, given a tracking number etc. The bubble wrapping, and promotion code for my next order is a plus as well. But the best part was getting the extra masks in my order, which gives me the chance to try out different mask brands. It’s pretty awesome how they listen to your request for the free masks so if you ever place an order and you want a certain type of mask for your skin type, make sure you let them know!

I will definitely be keeping an eye out on their future promos and purchase from them again.

There are no affiliate links in this post. All products were purchased with my own money.


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