[REVIEW] A'PIEU Color Longwear Shadow Stick (BR01 & BE02)

I couldn’t find many reviews on the A’pieu Color Longwear Shadow Stick for some reason. Most of the posts I found simply showed this product as a part of the unboxing of some subscription boxes. When I bought these, they were on sale for 40% off from Beauteque. If you’re curious about what else I got from Beauteque, check out my post on the haul here. The main reason I got them was because they were on sale, and I’ve never tried anything from A’pieu before! I don’t usually use eye shadow sticks because I don’t like how you have to rub it on your eyelid to get the color which can cause more wrinkles.. yikes. But its said to have a smooth application – let’s see if it lives up to its expectations!

Disclaimer: This product was purchased with my own money and I am not being paid to write this. My review, images, impressions and thoughts are all my own, unless stated otherwise. While this product may or may not have worked for my skin, it may or may not work for yours – remember, your mileage may vary (YMMV)! 
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When I saw this product on sale at Beauteque for 40% off I just had to buy them. Obviously I wasn’t too, too sure how the actual product will look when I buy it. I was surprised that the color stick was a lot more shimmery than I thought it would be.



Total rating out of 5: 3


$11USD (but I bought it for $6.6USD on BEAUTEQUE)

The Good

Smooth application, water proof, long lasting (the base color sticks to your skin quite well), washes off easily with oil cleanser

The Bad

GLITTER ALERT, need to apply another layer of shadow underneath if you want to use it as an eyeshadow

Will I buy it again

Maybe, but there are so many dupes and alternatives for these kinds of shades out there – and to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of eye shadow sticks


Long lasting effect remains vivid eye look for hours.You can create gradation simply without any special technique. Mild cream type to adhere tightly without flakes and create natural color.‘ – from Beauteque.com



The packaging of the product is simple and nice, in a cream stick with the name of the product in cute font on one side. The top of the cap of the color stick gives an indication of what the color of the shade will look like. At first I thought it was inaccurate/it looked a bit off – but it was just the lighting that I was looking at it in.


I took a picture of it in flash and you can see (below) that the cap gives you a really good idea of what the shade will look like. And yes – it is SUPER shimmery!


Couldn’t find the ingredients for the ones I bought online except for the two shades that Mishibox is selling. Key champion ingredients that are the selling point for this product: Argan oil, Jewel powder and Aloe powder

How it applies

The application is quite smooth, it doesn’t feel like its dragging at my skin at all compared to some of the SASA shimmer sticks that I have from a couple years back. Looks like that Argan oil really works, eh! You can also layer this product several times to blend it out and create a more natural look. Take a look at the swatches I made below! One thing I did notice was that you can’t exactly blend this color stick well – I tried using my finger and all I really did was just move the shimmer around and the base color stayed in one place. I did one with flash and one without flash because I thought the colors and how sheen looked just a bit different. It gives you a good idea of how it would look in photos and regular wear (or at least I hope it does!).



Not too sure if it is noticeable in the picture.

BE02: A champagne base with shimmer. Under flash it looks more white and can pass off as a highlighter as well. Can also work well for the tear drops.
BR01: An orange-brown base with shimmer. Can look gold under flash, make it a great color for night events and even casual wear.

Application on the eyes

The great thing about these color sticks that I mentioned earlier in this post is how smooth it applies and how it doesn’t have to drag the skin on your eye lids in order to apply to color. I applied this on my eyes without any base, primer, foundation and other eye shadows underneath to give you guys a good idea of how it looks by itself. I thought the color was a bit hard to see, maybe because of my skin tone or maybe because I didn’t use any primer so it the color won’t show as well. I used BR01 as a shadow for my outer lid and BE02 for to highlight the inner eye area (although it is a bit sloppy). I also took these shots with and without flash just in case!



Due to my double eyelid eating up most of the shadow and hiding it, you can kind of see the color stick on the eyes. I would recommend applying another matte eye shadow underneath to make the color pop more. Any brown would look really nice with that BR01 shade, imo. BE02 as well, if you want to use it as an eyeshadow, I don’t think it really showed up on my lids so I would recommend applying a matte color underneath it and then applying that shade on top. However, the BE02 shade doesn’t need anything under it if you are planning using it as an highlighter or for your tear drop area and underneath your eye.

In Summary

I quite like the concept of having an eyeshadow stick, it makes my life a whole lot easier so I don’t have to constantly blend. I do think the colors I chose weren’t the best ones since they are more natural so it’s not exactly obvious. The color can also be replicated and there are definitely a lot of dupes out there for these shades. The BR01 shade – I will use less of because I do prefer more matte eyeshadow colors because I like to go for that “no make up” make up look. I can also see myself using BR01 of special/night events or if I’m going out at night. BE02 though, is a really great highlighter shade and I will definitely use it quite often! I do think any price above $7USD is a bit of a stretch of this product, so unless it goes on sale I don’t think I will be buying it when I run out.


4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] A'PIEU Color Longwear Shadow Stick (BR01 & BE02)

  1. Wow! I love the sparkling! I am using a sun protector by A’Pieu. From what I have been trying it is absolutely great on my skin, not just an SPF cream, it also cares for my skin and it doesn’t have any white cast. So, I am curious about trying other products from this brand. These are very cute. BE02 I think I could use it on my lower lid to give luminosity. It’s really beautiful. Thanks for the photos!. A’Pieu is a medium end brand, so the price is not expensive but not too cheap neither. But a good alternative is Amazon as I see in your post. Definitely, I think I will give them a try.
    Great review! And thanks.

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