New Beauty Boxes – Can they contend with Memebox, Wishtrend and Beauteque?

Beauty boxes have been around for quite a while and its quite a competitive market. Especially in the KBeauty market where its mainly dominated by Memebox as they have been around for a while now. Will these new contenders be able to compete in this already competitive market? In this post, I will be introducing two new Beauty box brands that recently came out: Bomi Box, Kodi Blue and a potential new one (read more to find out what it is). I’m sure most of you have heard of them as they are extremely active on social media and are quite good at marketing themselves there. Let’s see what they can offer to us beauty addicts!

Bomi Box
‘The goal of BomiBox is for it to be like  receiving a lucky box filled with beauty that makes you happy. Every item is carefully tested with most items, except masks, being more than one use items.  We hope you’ll enjoy the BomiBox as much as we enjoy putting them together.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us. May your days always be lucky and beautiful.’

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Bomi Box is a subscription based KBeauty box priced at roughly $35-37USD per month. They launched a couple days ago, but their social media game has been going strong for a while now. You can select 4 different subscription plans – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. They also have a promotion going where if you subscribe now you can get $2 off the monthly subscription which makes it $35/month instead of $37/month.

The Details:
8 Full & Deluxe Sample Sized Products
Worldwide Shipping
Monthly Contests for members of the Bomi Tribe
No Questions Asked Replacement & Return

I subscribed recently and I am super excited about the September box, because they have a sneak peek on their site of one of the products that will be in their box and its… COSRX! CosRX is an up and coming KBeauty brand taking the beauty world by storm and I have been wanting to try out their products forever. Bomi Box has a strong line up of products and I think they can potentially be a strong contender to the already KBeauty online stores out there that also sell subscription boxes such as Beauteque, Wishbox, Memebox and Mishibox.

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Price point wise, it is on the more expensive side if you compare it to Mishibox; however, you are guaranteed 8 full & deluxe sample sized products – whereas with Mishibox, its $19.95USD + Shipping and only includes 4-6 full sized products and deluxe sized samples. Beauteque’s BB Bag contains 6-8 full sized beauty products for roughly $24USD. So Bomi Box is definitely on a bit more of a pricey side, but when you look at the Wishbox and Memebox it is comparably cheaper. The downside is you have no idea what you’ll get and sometimes its nice to know what you’re getting. Wishbox and Memebox do tell you what is in the box because they’re not subscription based, unfortunately, the prices can vary from $20-70USD and can sometimes be a bit of a stretch to purchase.

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Bomi Box is also having a giveaway going on right now where you can win an entire box. All you have to do is go here and enter your e-mail and complete the different tasks to get more entries! Most of them are super easy, and its okay to follow them on both instagram and twitter – they don’t spam (yet) haha! Honestly, the best part is the “no questions asked” – its a great option to have with online stores because you never know what might happen to your product during processing, shipping and delivery.

Kodi Blue
‘Here at Kodi Blue, our mission is to make the leading beauty and skincare products from around the world more accessible to everyone, so we can always feel and look our best! The beauty and skincare industry is exploding with innovation from every country, and we want to be a convenient destination for our customers around the globe to discover and try these products. We want to have our customers join us on this journey of innovation and exploration as aim to help bring you the best products from every corner of the world!’

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The Details:
Can purchase products separately
Boxes curated by spokesmodels that are chose based on experience and expertise
Free samples with all orders

Kodi Blue is another KBeauty site that has recently launched and has Kodi Blue Kits which is similar to what Memebox and Wishtrend does with their boxes. They also sell KBeauty products separately. The Kodi Blue Kits are on the more expensive side varying from $50-90USD. The most expensive box ($90USD) called “Oh My! Wanterlust” comes with 6 products ($15/product on average). The brands in that box are SKINFOOD, Etude House, Tony Moly, Laneige and SU:M37. While the total cost of these products are definitely more than the price of the box, I wouldn’t exactly be comfortably purchasing a box with products like Etude House and Tony Moly since I can find most of these products online on other sites at a cheaper price.

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Frankly, I’m not entirely impressed with the range of KBeauty brands they have on the site. They recently started, but most of the products they have can also be found on Amazon and other online sites where you can do price comparisons and find the cheaper alternative, which doesn’t give Kodi Blue much of an advantage. When they start introducing more brands, I think they may be able to compete with the bigger sites but for now unless they have special deals and promotions I don’t think they’ll be strong competition.

There website also doesn’t give a lot of information about how returns, shipping fees, where they ship to. They could consider adding an FAQ section that gives customers more information about how the company works, what they have to offer etc. It would also be nice if the filter for brands that they currently have worked because as of right now when you click the button, there are no brands listed there. They definitely have lots of room for improvement, and when that happens I’m sure they will be able to compete in this vary competitive market.

Megan’s KBox

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Here is an extra surprise for you all! I have been following Megan Bowen AKA Chonunmigooksaram for a while and when she announced that she wanted to try out Beauty boxes – I had to support her. Its her first time doing this, so she is simply testing out the demand – if it goes well she may continue, but if it doesn’t she won’t be. I like how she picks products that she likes using, so that we can also test and try them out. The price includes shipping, and if there are any problems the site mentions that their team will take care of it! If you are curious about the box, you can check it out here – the first round of ordering is over, but if it goes well I believe she will be opening a second round in the later half of August.

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I hope you guys are excited as I am! It’s so nice to see KBeauty becoming more and more accessible across the world.

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7 thoughts on “New Beauty Boxes – Can they contend with Memebox, Wishtrend and Beauteque?

  1. Thanks for this review on BomiBox, I subscribed the other day. Also thanks for the other Beauty Boxes information, I realize there is a lot to choose from. Right now I am stuck with BomiBox and probably I will also check and get a box from one of the companies you mention, especially since some products can be bought separately. It is all fun and I can’t wait to see what it is in the September box, but as you said, Cosrx is in there, and I love this brand. wow. 💓

  2. Thank you so much for the write up! We’re honored to have you as a subscriber and founder member and hope you’ll enjoy the BomiBox when it ships this month (holding thumbs and knocking on wood) :D xo

    • No problem ! Im more than happy to share about BomiBox – I think it’s a really great initiative and business. Super excited to get the first box this month

    • Yeah! Wait too many beauty boxes now haha it’s hard to keep up with them all. Oh – thanks for letting me know ! I’ll try to fix it and let you know :)

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