[UNBOXING] Megan Bowen (AKA ChonunMigookSaram)'s K-Box!

Lately, the weather in Vancouver has been pretty gloomy. Without any warning, there was one day of rain here and then it suddenly turned into fall weather without any warning. That’s okay though! I love fall – I can finally wear my long sleeves, sweaters, cardis..Anyways, recently, I went to pick up a package that I had apparently missed during the day. I wasn’t sure what it was, or who it was for. When I went and got my package from Shoppers, I realized it was none other than MEGAN’S K-BOX!! This post will be about me unboxing this glorious box, and what the customer service was like!

I definitely wanted to post this a lot earlier! But unfortunately, university just started this week and it was super hectic from all the job apps, homework, readings. I’m glad I have this blog to relieve some of that stress. Otherwise I don’t know what I would do haha!


Megan’s K-box is a box curated by the YouTuber Megan Bowen AKA ChonunMigookSaram! In one of her videos, she mentioned that she would be trying out a new business venture – which is a subscription based box. If you want to check out more details about her box, click > here < [UPDATE: link is no longer available, so I just put the link that had info on her box] ! I also did a really short post on it a while back as one of the potential new beauty box contenders in the market. They were going to ship these out in mid-August, but ran into a few problems with delivery, and one of the lip tints (which I will go more into detail later). My parcel was shipped by EMS and arrived 4 days after I provided them with additional information they needed! It came before they were even able to get the tracking information for these boxes. I really liked how the products were packed into a separate customized box within a box, instead of just being put into a regular box where they just stick the label of the company onto it. (I don’t think I made any sense, but basically a box within a box vs 1 box)


The box came with 5 items: Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask, Etude House’s Tear Eye Liner, Etude House’s My Beauty Tool Eyelashes LongLash #03, Berrisom’s My Lip Tint Pack, Pongdang’s Mulbit Water-Drop Lip Tint. These items were handpicked by Megan herself and are products that she uses often/ enjoys using. The box also came with 2 stickers of cartoon Megan and 1 sticker of the K-Beat logo.

All the products were also packed inside little styrofoam balls – great idea for protecting the products, and fun to play with too! My cat is having a kick out of these and she has no idea I have a lot more than just the one that I gave her. hohoho

Originally, instead of the Pongdang’s Mulbit Water-Drop Lip Tint, we were supposed to get a tint from The Face Shop. However, since The Face Shop is coming out with their Disney Line, they were changing all the tints to match that line as well and it would’ve taken much longer for them to ship these boxes to us! So she decided to change the lip tint instead – which I think is great because I’ve never heard of Pongdang before so I’m pretty excited to try this tint out.

The total cost of this box was 35USD which includes free shipping, and if there were any issues with delivery – they would help you out no matter what! (At least that’s what it said on their site) It is a little bit pricey, for the number of products you are getting if you compare it to other subscription boxes. But I knew exactly what I was getting in my box, shipping was free no matter where you were in the world, and they have a really good customer service team! If she ever has another one – I am definitely look foward to it.


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