Gel Moisturisers – Chasiu's Summer & Winter Picks

Given that almost 99% of what I’ve been posting about lately, you would think that I am an avid fan of KBeauty products – and maybe even solely KBeauty products! That would be pretty awesome actually, if I could have a specific preference of certain types of products and brands.. so I don’t have to jump back and forth all the time. But no! There are moisturisers out there that I felt worked pretty well for my face, and they aren’t from an Asian brand. Asian moisturisers tend to be cheaper depending on the brand that you buy it from. Sadly, the only one that I’ve ever tried was the Chia Seed Gel moisturiser from The Face Shop which I don’t see in stores anymore. Let’s get started with the moisturisers that my alter ego (aka Chasiu, which is still me) has chosen for this summer (which already passed) and this winter!

Let’s begin with Chasiu’s Summer pick!


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil Free Moisturiser

My first moisturiser from Kiehl’s that I used when starting to be real srs about my skin care was the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser. It’s a cream-based moisturiser that I don’t use anymore (its just sitting there..) because it was way to heavy for my skin. I always thought that I had normal/dry skin, so that’s what I told the associate which is what made them refer me to that.

But I am smarter now (heh, just kidding), and I know that my skin is a combination of dry and oily. Where my skin when its too dry will start to secrete oil, so what I need is to re-balance the oil and water in my skin. And I just love how oil-free products feel on my face. Whenever I see the words “oil-free”, whatever that product is, its got my full attention.

The size that I purchased came in little package that they had going on for a promotion at that time, it came with a cleanser, toner and the oil free cream. All for a whopping $30, which is cheap – but the cleanser and toner are only deluxe samples.



Compared to most gel moisturisers, the texture of this product is more water-y than it is gel. It’s not sticky, nor gooey, so for those who looove those sorts of moisturisers this one might be a tad bit boring. I’m not sure if its visible in the photo, since my little jar is almost empty…



It spreads easily on the skin, since its got that water-like texture when you spread it it just dissolves and gets absorbed (your skin is quenching for thirst!). When I applied this, it always felt light – as in it didn’t feel sticky or heavy or I had something on my face.

Result/ Overall Thoughts


My skin felt softer, smoother and more hydrated right after using this moisturiser. Its so light that its better for those hot, humid days, but it also does its job in keeping my skin well hydrated throughout the day. I’m planning to repurchase this if I happen to find any good deals on it, for a tub of 50ml, it costs around $35 which isn’t bad compared to other KBeauty brands out there. However, it ain’t cheap either – and you run out of it pretty fast. The 50ml lasted me about 2 months (but I used it both day & night).

Alright! Moving on, this is the Winter moisturiser that I am currently using (both day and night) as a part of my skin care routine.



Fast forward to fall and my Kiehl’s Ultra Gel Moisturiser is nearly empty, I decided to hunt for another stronger gel-based moisturiser. And since fall + winter is on its way to cold cold Canada, I thought maybe I should try something heavier. So I went for the Clinique Moisture Surge (Extended Thirst Relief). This product retails for $46CAD, so on the slightly more expensive side for gel moisturisers. However, I do think this is quite the versatile product – there are multiple ways you can use this moisturiser.



Compared to most the Kiehl’s Oil-free Moisturiser, this has a thicker texture almost gooey and way stickier. I could feel the moisture surge just by looking at how sticky this gel was! I put the two side by side above, so you can see how sticky it is, and how it can still maintain its shape (its sort of like beating your eggs until soft peaks for my bakers out there!)



It spreads nicely on the skin and feels quite moisturiser! Since my face has got some “dry” components to it, it feels relieving when I put it on. It does feel slightly heavier/ more concentrated compared to the one from Kiehl’s. But it works extremely well for the harsh winter conditions, and when the wind hits you right in the face. Leaves my skin feeling moisturised and soft!

Result/ Overall Thoughts


My skin felt more hydrated after using this moisturiser, I noticed that with this thick texture you can actually use this gel moisturiser as a sleeping mask as well. Definitely felt similar to adding that layer of sleeping mask that I did sometimes during the summer with the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. You can even apply it on top of your make up (which is what it says on the box) – I’m not sure what that will do, but it’ll probably act as a natural highlighter? Give you the glow that you’ve always wanted! I have yet to try applying it on top of my make up, but I can definitely say that its an awesome sleeping mask. You can still feel the moisturiser in the morning (you’d think that most of it would be gone by the time that you wake up) but I felt a layer when I was washing my face with plain water! Sadly, this is a more expensive product compared to some KBeauty brands, but I do think the pricing is pretty relative and overall you do get what you paid for!

What are your picks and favourites for the summer and winter?


6 thoughts on “Gel Moisturisers – Chasiu's Summer & Winter Picks

  1. I love Clinique Moisture Surge, especially for winter. It is true to its name and really keeps my skin hydrated when it’s cold and dry out. (Love your graphics, btw). :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I wasn’t sure about it at first since it looks so gooey – but when I applied it, it wasn’t sticky at all, and it keeps my skin hydrated! Thank you ^_^


  2. Hi there! :D Very nice review about these two products. I have not tried the Kiel’s one, although I remember once I bought their clarifying serum and it was pretty good. On the other hand, Moisture Surge is one of my favorites, especially during the winter season, when my skin is so dry due to the season conditions. I love it and it doesn’t leave a greasy film. Clinique is a great brand and I like buying some products from them. So perhaps I will think about this cream gel, so soothing. <3

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    • Ah I think I tried the same serum! it was pretty nice and hydrating. And yes I agree – I’m really loving the Moisture Surge because I can also use it as a sleeping mask :D <3

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kudos, girl! Yes, i am sure it must be great as sleeping mask! I have some samples and I will try them as SM or SP :D About the Kiel’s serum, it was a transparent one. I ended it after having used it during all the winter season. By the way, I’m writing a blog post that will be published later today, and maybe you would like to have a look at it. It’s this kind of products that become HG. At least to me it does! <3

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