[THOUGHTS] RE:CIPE Slowganic Cleanser

Korean products never cease to surprise me – I will be sharing with y’all one of the oddest cleansers I have ever seen. These came as a deluxe sample in the Memebox Sunday Funday box that I bought way back in August. It was tough testing it, because there’s three different kinds in the box and for some reason I lost all the plastic caps that kept the products well protected in its containers except for one – leaving me to only be able to test one cleanser at a time – *cries*. What is this cleanser called? Well.. It’s the RE:CIPE Slowganic Cleanser and it comes in 3 different varieties (Adlay, Green Tea and Lemon).

In the end, I only managed to be able to try out one of the three cleansers. After giving it some more thought – I’ve decided to not review this product at all, mainly because this product doesn’t suit my skin type, or at least I don’t think it does? And I don’t think I can give this an as accurate opinion as I’d like to. Still, I’ll be sharing my opinions and thoughts with all you lovely tomodachis! Just no scores, no rating etc.

To start off, my skin is a combination between dry and oily sooo…

  • During the summer: my skin gets really oily
  • During the winter: my skin gets really dry

Talk about two extremes eh? I tried this cleanser on three different occasions in different seasons (once in August, once in October, and once in February). With the small amount of times that I tried this cleanser, I really wanted it to work out.


The deluxe sample trio pack costs $3 USD on MEMEBOX, which isn’t a bad deal, each thing only costs a dollar each :)

The cleanser that I tried from this trio is ADLAY.



Handcrafted with 98% natural ingredients, this unique soufflé cleanser washes away makeup, oil, and the day’s debris without stripping skin dry. In fact, its plant extracts hydrate and nourish skin, while its star ingredient Adlay (aka Job’s Tears) softens dry and rough patches to keep skin soft, youthful, and glowing all day.

Description from MEMEBOX




Look at the super spongey texture! It’s also pretty sticky so I made a gif showing the stickiness :) The texture of it makes it hard to apply just on its own without any water.



Another thing that irked me about this cleanser was the application. It is.. hard to apply(even when my face was wet before applying)? I think it’s mainly due to the spongey texture of the product and how it’s sticky and dries up really fast so you need to constantly apply water as you are cleansing. ALSO, I noticed a few reviews that I’ve seen use a brush (physical exfoliation, basically), or something else to cleanse which probably makes it slightly easier compared to using fingers? I didn’t use a brush though because the initial feeling of rubbing it on my face was rough enough as it is already.


Here’s what I tried to attempt to get it to apply as gently as possible:

  1. Take cleanser and put it on the back on the hand, wet both hands and face – NOT GENTLE and requires constant application of water
  2. Wet face, apply cleanser directly onto skin and rub – NOT GENTLE and requires constant application of water
  3. Wet hands, and rub a small amount of cleanser together on hands, get it to froth and foam up, then apply – BETTER (but hands will feel kind of squeaky afterwards)

Regardless of how many ways I tried to apply this, I don’t think this is a gentle cleanser at all, just because of the way you apply this cleanser (unless you’re super pro and can apply water before it dries and constantly keep face wet – unlike me :(..).


Oh sweet, sweet cleanser.. you definitely stripped my face dry. Squeaky dry. However, although the texture of my skin did feel soft – that feeling of softness doesn’t compare to the amount of discomfort I felt from this cleanser. You see, while my skin felt soft after using it, it also felt malnourished, unmoisturised and dry. I’m not a huge fan of the squeaky dry feeling because part of my face is already pretty dry – so this made it pretty bad. When I tried this for a third time, it completely dried my face out and started stinging (Each time I used it it was months apart). Another nono is that, instead of this cleanser getting rid of my dry patches, I ended up with dry and rough patches that weren’t originally there.

I’ve read that a looot of people love this cleanser or think that it’s a great product, but my skin tells me otherwise. People say that if you have oily skin it should work much better in comparison to dry/combo skin, which I agree with but since I don’t have oily skin I can’t really say. Ya well, I don’t think this works well for dry or combo skin at all because it does strip the oils from the skin (or at least feels like it did). AND, the application is just not gentle on the skin, the constant rubbing in the beginning (while it doesn’t seem like much), I feel like if repeated will maybe cause more wrinkles later on (that’s if you use it on a consistent basis). ; n ; or maybe I’m paranoid?

How well does this remove make up?


Products used to test the cleansing abilities (I brought all my tough to remove ones out):

  • COVERGIRL Clump Crusher by lashblast
  • ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Water Tint (02 Cherry Ade)
  • MAYBELLINE Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer
  • A’PIEU Color Longwear Shadow Stick (BR01)
  • ETUDE HOUSE Styling Eye Liner (03 Brown)
  • KYLIE Matte Liquid Lipkit (22)

It does a decent job at removing makeup, but I wouldn’t use it to remove make up because you kinda need to rub your skin quite roughly to get the make up to come off.


But… it’s still no match for the A’Pieu Eye Shadow Stick and the Kylie Matte Liquid Lip Kit.

Green Tea


This one-step cleanser was hand-crafted from 98% natural ingredients like Green Tea Oil to clean and nourish skin with each wash. It effectively removes makeup, oil, and pore-clogging bacteria while delivering skin conditioning elements to hydrate and balance moisture all day. It’s gentle enough to soothe sensitive, red, and troubled skin.



I’m more weary on trying these ones out because the texture of this product and because it’s spongey and frothed made my skin feel dry.



Handmade from 98% natural ingredients, this lemony all-in-one cleanser gently removes heavy makeup, deep-seated bacteria and oil, and the day’s debris. All while nourishing skin with elite herbal oils, naturally whitening the complexion, and smoothing out rough spots. Lemon-aid, anyone?



I watched a few reviews on YouTube about the lemon cleanser and a lot of people have said that this cleanser is better for oily skin! Buuut, I’m not too sure about this – I feel like it’d still strip the skin of all the oils, unless your skin is really really oily! So.. I probably won’t end up trying this one either :(


This cleanser was most likely not made for my skin-type (combo dry/oily) or people with dry/sensitive skin! If you have dry patches already I’d try to steer clear of this product – but hey, if it works for you then go for it! I gave this a try on my bf’s skin, and it irritated his skin as well (he has dry and sensitive skin). Hopefully this gives y’all some insight into this product – even though it wasn’t a complete review :)

Thanks for reading!


A lovely instafriend (@siriuslyimkitten) suggested that I use the other cleansers as a mask as opposed to a cleanser. What a great idea! Now I can use them for other things :). Also, apparently this product has a high pH? I will be looking more into this as soon as I get my hands on some pH strips. I’ll check the pH for each of them. I was told that the Lemon one isn’t as harsh as the Adlay one. Maybe I got unlucky with my choosing to try the Adlay one first hahaha..


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