My Current Cleansers 2017

Recently, I’ve been thinking of doing a “my current” products that I am currently using/testing which might help give you a better idea on how you can rotate the products you have within your routine, and give you a different perspective/idea on when to use which products. This will start from the first step of my routine leading up to my last step :) Depending on how long it takes me to use up my products I might do an annual update or something like that? Anyways, let’s beginning with the first must of every skincare routine – Cleansers!

Cleansers, being the first step of skincare and all, is a pretty darn important part of the whole routine. It helps get rid of dirt, oil pollutants, dead skin cells and makeup – making your skin a clean canvas for rest of the lineup.

To start off, here are a few things I learnt from trying out different cleansers:

1. Is my cleanser too drying? AKA too STRONK/ too OP (Overpowering)?

I used to think that my face needed to feel CLEAN and squeaky. You never want a cleanser that makes your skin feel SQUEAKY clean, or tight. Or squeaky in general. That would mean that it’s so incredible OP for your skin that it’s stripping your skin of pretty much all the oils and things. It feels pretty uncomfortable if you have dry/combination skin. I have friends with oily skin and they find the cleanser that are usually too drying for me alright. So it really takes a couple tries to figure out the type of cleansers that work out best for you.

2. Do I need makeup remover? Is that same thing as an oil cleanser? 

Back then, I used makeup wipes from Biore when I was younger for when I had dance performances and concerts. I also had a makeup remover, and then I used a gel cleanser (those cheap ones from The Face Shop – which were very drying btw))  afterwards (little did I know, young me was already double cleansing – whaaat). If you want to use a makeup remover before cleansing go for it!

But recently, I learnt that my oil cleanser works really well at removing make up too.  Because it’s oil-based, and most makeup removing products are well oil-based as well, I just use an oil cleanser instead. I mean I think it’s basically the same thing but different because the oil cleanser can be used as a cleanser on a normal day. I’ve seen people use cleansing balms to remove their makeup (for example, a popular one is the Banila Co Clean it Zero Blam). However, whenever I use oil cleanser to remove makeup – I make sure that I use a light cleanser afterwards to ensure that ALL the makeup residue and things are gone.

For my eyes – I use the eye/lip makeup removers because they tend to be much more gentle compared to just using my regular oil cleanser. Although sometimes, I put a bit of oil cleanser on a QTip and lightly swipe when I’m lazy.

3. Can I just use water?

Weeellll. Yes and no – it really depends on the situation and what your skin has been exposed to during the day. Since I do most of my activities during the day, I’ll end up using a cleanser at night. Don’t fret, I use water too sometimes, but it doesn’t wash off EVERYTHING (dirt, impurities, clogged pores etc) and have dirt and impurities there can lead to irritated skin, acne and other nasty bumps and maybe even infections. Okay, maybe not that extreme but it can happen and I like to be on the safe side.

In the morning

I only use water, sometimes I use a super gentle cleanser/cleansing water and that’s about it. Some people like using cleanser in the morning – I feel that it’s optional? I wash my pillows and sheets bi-weekly and I never sleep on my bed unless I’m completely clean (yes I’m one of those people. Those you call clean freaks, but only with my bed).

At night

At night is when I bring out all my cleansers (jk just the one I am planning to use) and go at it. Go all out! Since I’m out during the day, I feel like that’s when my skin is exposed to dirt and germs and things, and I don’t feel comfortable unless it’s clean – especially since my face will be coming in contact with my pillow, bed and PJs.

4. Do I need a cleansing tool? 

A cleansing tool would be something like Clarisonic, Foreo – and I realized that well if you don’t reaaallly need it, then don’t get it? I have a Clarisonic but I hardly use it now. It was fun at first because it felt so much easier, I didn’t have to use my fingers, the only effort that I needed to exert was to push the button to turn the Clarisonic and move it around my face. But, I couldn’t use it everyday like it recommended because it felt a bit harsh having these bristles rub at my skin. Plus, I could easily exfoliate with a gentle scrub and it would do a close enough job. So unless you wanna try it/need it, I wouldn’t go for a cleansing tool because it could cause irritation! Although I’ve never tried Foreo but I’m assuming it’d be much more gentle than the Clarisonic from what I’ve felt from trying out the testers (yikes, that sounded a little weird in my head).

Okay! Enough of that – here are the cleansers that I am currently using:

SHU UEMURA – blanc:chroma (brightening & polishing) gentle cleansing oil

Aside from their eyebrow pencils, I think cleansing oils are the second most popular product from SHU UEMURA. They have a variety of oils that work towards different skin concerns. For example, blanc:chroma (purple) deals with brightening, anti-oxi (green) tackles dullness. They even have cleansing oils for sensitive skin – which look new to me, I haven’t seen them before so I’m wondering if they just came out with them or I was really unobservant hehe.

When I use


How to use

3-4 pumps. Now now, don’t be stingy with this product – remember most skin products only last for a year anyways. If you get their 450mL bottle, you might think WOW I can use this 5ever and never have to buy a new one. WRONG. That’s what I thought too, but then the sales rep reminded me that skincare products don’t last long once opened. AND, because it has added benefits compared to a normal cleansing oil such as brightening etc, the effects will not be .. as effective down the line, and it may end up causing irritation or issues for le skin.

Apply the cleansing oil on a dry face, add water if you feel like the oil is starting to dry up (but it usually doesn’t do that). The cleanser will foam a little and take on this milky colour if you add water.

What I use it for/Why I use it

I use this as my makeup remover. On any day where I used makeup, this is the cleanser that I will use – it is gentle, but really really OP at removing makeup (or at least that’s how I feel). Mainly because this particular variant of the cleansing oil line is a bit drying for my skin.

Nonetheless, it does a really great job at removing most of my makeup. Sometimes there’s some residue, so I follow up with a much more gentle cleanser for my skin (which I will mention later on).

Price point

It’s SHU UEMURA = It’s expensive. Sometimes SHU has store wide discounts or department stores/sephora might do discounts on certain days – that’s when I would take advantage of those deals and buy this. Otherwise, I am still trying to find a cheaper equivalent for this product.

KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Cleanser

Ah, KIEHL’S most popular line -> Ultra Facial -something something-. This cleanser is dubbed to have a “Gentle Liquid Formula that cleanses without over-drying or stripping skin” (source: KIEHL’S product label). And it does just that. How do I put it? This cleanser makes my face feel clean, but not SQUEAKY clean. This cleanser might be drying for some though – I gave this to the bf and he said it felt a bit drying/tight for his skin. They have variants of this cleanser in their other lines, I haven’t tried their cleanser from the Oil-Free line but I imagine it to be quite gentle as well. I did get a snippet of the Calendula Ultra Facial Cleanser, and that one was even more gentle in comparison to the original so if you have fairly sensitive skin I would go give that one a try.

When I use

NIGHT TIME. I used to use this daily both day and night as well, but ever since I started to use water to wash my face in the morning… I use this at night on days where I don’t wear make up and alternate it with the Gentlemask T-Tox Cleanser. It does remove make up for those who are wondering though (or so it says), I will be reviewing this soon so I will do a makeup removing test on this :). This is actually my second tube hehe…

How to use

What I like doing is wet my face first, then get a pea-sized amount, add a bit of water so that it’s easier to apply on the face.

Rinse of the cleanser and your face should feel clean but not squeaky and tight. If your skin does feel squeaky and tight, I would switch to a different cleanser – unless you’re all fo dat squeakiness. :s.

What I use it for/Why I use it

This is either my first step cleanser, or my second cleanser when I do a double cleanse. I usually use this cleanse in the shower because it is a gel-type and comes in a tube, so it’s easy to just grab it and wash my face.

Price point

This cleanser is $27CAD for the 150mL size and $14CAD for 75mL, which is slightly more affordable for a brand that’s considered medium/high-end.


Ah finally, a Korean brand. If this cleanser looks and sounds familiar, it’s because I reviewed it a couple months ago! I received this product from Beautibi in exchange for an honest review. This is a small Korean brand that focuses on using essential oils in its products. Some might say otherwise, but I LOVE how this cleanser smells. This cleanser is a gel cleanser, similar to that of KIEHL’S but is more runny and is supposed to cleanse skin without over-drying.

When I use

NIGHT TIME and DAY TIME (sometimes). I use this as my first step cleanser on days that I don’t wear makeup. I also use this cleanser sometimes in the morning when I need that extra oomf, or I feel like water just won’t cut it.

How to use

1 enthusiastic pump is all you need from this cleanser. You can lather the cleanser with your hands before applying, or just apply it directly on your face. If you feel it drying up, add some water and continue until you feel like your face is clean.

When you rinse off the cleanser, you will feel like there is something extra on your skin, don’t worry as long as you’ve rinsed off all the foam and product you can go ahead and pat the skin dry!

 What I use it for/Why I use it

This is either my first step cleanser, or my second cleanser when I do a double cleanse (mainly because it doesn’t do a great job at removing makeup etc). I alternate this cleanser with the one from KIEHL’S. I don’t have a specific schedule, I just use it when I feel like it.

Price point

$24USD, which for us Canadians would mean that it is around $32CAD for 200mL.

SON&PARK – Beauty Water

This one is a super, super popular product because it’s a all-in-one type of cleansing that is supposed to be really gentle. It can cleanse, tone and exfoliate the skin. I saw a lot of people on IG, on blogs, on YouTube raving about this product. So I thought I’d give it a try and bought one from Sephora when I went down to the states. SON&PARK is well-known for this product, but recently there were some controversies regarding the creators of the brand and the company itself (resulting in some people boycotting the brand and not buying their products). Yes, I did read about the controversy, but I also wanted to try it because…I’ve seen/heard so many great things.. :(

When I use

DAY TIME and NIGHT TIME. I use this in the mornings if I decide to not skip out on cleansing, but don’t exactly want to wash my face with a full on gel cleanser.

How to use

Pour product onto a cotton pad. If cleansing skin, swipe. If toning skin, pat. But to be honest, it doesn’t matter if you swipe or pat because it works as both a toner and cleanser anyways.

I would follow up with a moisturising step after using this toner, since it has exfoliating properties. What I typically do is use a hydrating/moisturising toner afterwards :)

What I use it for/Why I use it

I use this as my second cleanser, and as my toner on some days. I seldom use this as my first step cleanser (during the night) unless I’m having one of those days – where you just don’t want to do anything. I do use this as my technically first step cleanser in the morning after I wash my face with water.

This is a product that I use almost everyday even thoug it has exfoliating properties – it apparently is supposed to be fairly gentle (not too too sure yet because I’ve only just recently started using it). I like to think of it as a toning step as well, but I usually follow up with a toner after using this anyways.

Price point

$30USD for 340mL = $39CAD

Now for the exciting and fun part…


This is just how my thought process works, and how I go about choosing a product. It might help give you an idea of how to decide which products to use and if it does, that’s great! But if it doesn’t that’s cool too :)

In the Morning

Did I use a sleeping mask?
  • First Cleanser (The wake me up step – and to wash off the sleeping mask) – Water
  • Second Cleanser (Clean dirt/stuff that might be on pillow that water couldn’t get rid of)
    • If I feel like there’s still something on my face, and I’m feeling extra perky – GENTLEMASK T-Tox Cleanser or KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Cleanser
    • If I’m lazy – SON&PARK Beauty Water
  • First Cleanser (The wake me up step) – Water
  • Second Cleanser (Something quick and easy that will tell me that my face is clean and ready for the day!)
    • If I feel like I still need some kind of cleansing step – SON&PARK Beauty Water
    • Otherwise, proceed with toner (because my toners pick up dirt sometimes too)

At Night

Did I wear makeup?
  • First Cleanser (Makeup Remover) – SHU UEMURA
  • Second Cleanser (Clean the residue and stuff that the first step couldn’t catch)
    • If I happen to be in the shower after using SHU – KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Cleanser
    • If I feel like washing my face again after using SHU – GENTLEMASK T-Tox Cleanser
    • If I’m lazy – SON&PARK Beauty Water
  • First Cleanser (Clean dirt, impurities etc.)
    • If I feel lazy and I am going to shower that night – KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Cleanser
    • If I already showered that day – GENTLEMASK T-Tox Cleanser
    • If I’m having a bleh day and just wanna go to bed – SON&PARK Beauty Water
  • Second Cleanser (To give me a peace of mind that my face is truly clean)
    • SON&PARK Beauty Water – only if I didn’t already use that as my first cleanser

Thanks for Reading!

Sorry for the extremely long post, but I hoped this helped or was an enjoyable read!?!


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