Close to two weeks ago, I decided to order my second daint box! My first box was their Holiday Launch box, which I didn’t post an unboxing for because it was in the middle of midterm exams – but now I have a weebit more time since classes are DONE (but exams aren’t). Carmen from daint always picks out and curates a lot of products that I really, really want to try with aesthetically pleasing packaging. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing this because I was paid to – but because I’m in awe of the amount of work, effort and care that are placed into each box and package that gets shipped out!

So this post will kind of be mostly a photo dump, but I wanted to capture the package as I unboxed it so y’all can see how awesome these boxes are packaged. The box that I ordered is called the SEOLLAL BOX (which means Lunar New year – and that was when the box was launched). In addition to the box information page, daint also includes a “HOW-TO” use each box page – which I find helpful because it’s like a one-stop shop kind of thing, where you have all the information you need in one place. Without further ado, let’s get to unboxing the box!

Each box can vary in price depending on the products that are inside. The SEOLLAL BOX was $45.50 and is now on sale for $35.50!

Also, shameless plug but if you’re interested in buying something from daint, and are feeling kind please use my referral link for an extra 10% off! I get 100 points for each referral which is part of daint’s reward program – some of their rewards include $5-25 off on the next purchase, or even free shipping. If you don’t feel comfortable, that’s totally fine too :) – it’s not an affiliate or anything I just really want some points so I can save some $$ haha.

Daint is a non-subscription based box service and the great thing about these boxes is that you get to know what’s inside them before buying them! With subscription boxes, it’s often hard to know what you’re getting in each box (whether it’s good or bad, or if it’s worth it or not for that month).

One thing that I look forward to is the personalised message that’s included in the box! The message is written on the back of the cardboard cut-out that says “hello” – it’s very nice as a consumer to know that the seller is taking the time to put the boxes together and takes the time to write a personalised message for you.

When I unwrapped the string, I found that each BIG item of the box was wrapped individually. The POLATAM cream wasn’t wrapped but, the B-Lab products and the masks were wrapped separately (masks were in a bundle of their own, and the B-Lab products were in a bundle of their own).

What made me purchase this particular box was the POLATAM Oak Tree Sap Deep Moist Cream. I’ve always wanted to try a POLATAM product since I heard their masks were the bomb. It was also a plus that the box came with some B-Lab products and Adaline masks (both of which I have also never tried before).


The packaging for the two products are super simple. The Cleansing Water, I thought, would be perfect as a travel companion since I can’t bring the SON&PARK Beauty Water with me – or I wouldn’t because it’s so big. As for the peeling gel, I’m not sure how I often I will be using this – it really depends. I had The Face Shop Peeling Gel before, and it had some funky smell to it – but anyways, I never ended up finishing that one so it was pretty much wasted :(

When I told you that the Adaline masks looked really aesthetically pleasing, or all the products in this box in general, I wasn’t kidding. I swear, I could use these masks, cut out the front and paste it on my wall and use it as a wall deco. Each mask has their own function which is linked to the title of the mask (which is pretty cool imo). For example, KEEP COOL AND LET SHINE (would be for brightening/whitening/GLOW!!). 

Lastly, the box came with a few extras – PACKAGE KOREA’S EVERYDAY BOUNCY SHEET MASK and the MELT ME SOFTLY NOSE STRIPS (which I already have because I bought the float mask bundle a while back :S). And some ADALINE Keep Cool Ocean Creams – which I look forward to trying.

I also wanted to point out that when I saw that the box included PACKAGE KOREA products – I messaged daint/Carmen to see if I could get something in the place of those products. It wasn’t a big deal to me if they could get replaced or not but I figured I would just ask (because there’s a chance??). Unfortunately, you can’t swap out products in the box because they’re set the way they are – BUT! She was kind enough to give me a discount code to use on my next purchase which I think is quite generous considering that she didn’t have to do that at all.

It’s nice to see all these new KBeauty shops opening in Canada, because recently the postage system has been/has always been? really bad when it comes to international parcels coming in. I’m still waiting for 3 packages from Korea and Japan and it’s already been over 1.5 months. If you’re a fellow Canadian, and looking to start a skincare routine/ new products to try, I would seriously consider taking a look at daint :). Although their boxes come out bi-monthly, they do have a range of exclusive products that you can purchase separately (which I think will continue to grow – they only recently launched in December 2016/January 2017).

If you feel comfortable making a purchase with it and helping a girl get points – here is my referral link (you’ll get 10% off if you use it)

If you don’t feel comfortable using a referral – here is the link to their newest box: BLOSSOM BOX for $39.99, not including shipping


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