Buying Beauty Products from… BEAUTYINHANGUK

When I started my blog a year ago, I also discovered the AB community within IG! And from there, that was how I met Shereen. When I went to Korea 2 months ago, I went to a really, really small ‘global’ meet-up with 4 other lovely people who were also into skincare. Shereen was one of them, and she had only recently started her own business called beautyinhanguk. Now, I knew that coming back from my trip I shouldn’t be ordering anything online… but I just had to.

Disclaimer: I do not consider myself as a beauty guru/expert. The products in this post were purchased with my own money and I am not being paid/sponsored to write this. My review, photos, impressions and thoughts are all my own, unless stated otherwise.
There are no affiliate links and referral codes in this post.

Beautyinhanguk sells a variety of things from boxes to individual items. These boxes though. They’re called Bespoke Boxes, and they’re extremely personalized to what you’re looking for from Korea. How is it personalized?? Well, they get you to fill out this google form, where you specify what brands, products you’re looking for. Then, they will look at the form, put together a box for you and ship it out! There are special little notes, with instructions on how to use certain products, and a much longer personalized note as well. It’s like receiving a package from a friend! Exciting :)

They give you the option of choosing whether or not you want skincare, makeup, hair&body products or maybe even all three. As well as if you’re okay with getting decants or not. I don’t mind decants, personally, but some people do!


29.90USD + 10USD Shipping

Since Canada is part of Zone 3, I had to pay 10USD for the shipping. Other countries in Zone 3 include: USA, Europe, Australia, India, New Zealand.

I ordered this box before they divided the boxes up into 3 tiers, which is why I paid $29.90USD plus the 10$USD shipping. You might feel like it’s a little pricey, but let me try to do an item by item price breakdown versus what I paid. If you look only at the number of items that came in my box, you’d think wow that’s not a lot of items! But if you look at them individually, you’ll realize – wow! It’s a really great value.

Prices of the Current Bespoke Boxes

These are the prices if you were to pay to ship these boxes to countries in Zone 3. Shipping varies depending on the zone that you’re in.

Trial – $19.90 + $10 = $29.90
Standard – $34.90 + $10 = $44.90
Luxe – $49.90 + $10 = $59.90

Item breakdown vs. Cost of box

The prices in the table are subject to change and only reflect what I have found during the time this post was written. If there is no reference to a store, then I am making an estimate on how much the product included in the box costs.

Price of Product Online
Cost of box (including shipping)
IOPE Moistgen Eye Cream Skin Hydration
35.18 (JOLSE)
SULWHASOO Benecircle Massage Cream Deluxe Sample
8.00 – 10.00
PERIPERA Ink Airy Velvet (1 Heart Grapefruit)
MISSHA Ye Hyeon Jin Bon Su Ek Toner Decant
5.00 – 10.00
MISC. (Pads, Samples, Heating pack)


 66.22 – 73.22


As promised in the description for the Bespoke Boxes, my box contained at least 1 full-sized product. In my case it contained 3 (lip tint, mist and eye cream). The contents in the box varies, but it’s safe to say that it’s a pretty good deal based on what I’ve found online if I were to purchase these products individually.

Delivery Timeline

My order came surprisingly fast. When I placed my order, I was anticipating to wait at least 6 weeks for my package to get here. Maybe even longer with everything that’s been going on with Canada Post lately, but… here’s the timeline:

  • June 26 – Order Confirmation
  • July 10 – Order shipped
  • July 19 – Package Received

Items in the box

For my box, I requested to not receive any sheet masks. Because I have a huge stash of them, and I get through my mask stash slowly. I don’t sheet mask everyday like some people do (honestly I don’t know how they do it and I admire them..), so it takes me a lot longer to reduce my stash. Instead I wanted toners, essences, serums,  and products that can sit on my shelf for a while, as I get through everything that I recently acquired. Basically, products that I need want for my routine.

I’m going to start by saying that I have no idea how Shereen knew I loved these herbal pads. Maybe from my blog posts/instagram? But still! The fact that she remembered and included some herbal pads in my box for me was ; u; amazeballs.

The next item included in my package was a decant of the MISSHA Ye Hyeon Jin Bon Su Ek Toner. I’m not too sure how many mLs was decanted into this bottle, maybe around 15-30mL? Just taking a guess! Shereen also included samples of the Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Intensive [MOIST] and the Night Repair Borabit Ampoule. Pretty excited to try all of these, since I don’t have any of them in my stash.

On Shereen’s IG, she shared her swatches of these PERIPERA Ink Airy Velvet lip tints. The one that she included in my package was the 01 Heart Grapefruit shade. On her personalized note, she mentioned that she noticed that I often used tints when I did my inspired KDrama character looks – how sweet is that? ; n ;

As if I’m done squealing over how amazing this box is… the next product is the PYUNKANG YUL Mist Toner! If you’re active on the Instagram Beauty Community (specifically AB), you’ll notice that this brand has been floating around recently. Even meejmuse recommended it on her channel. I would love to get the chance to try their other products in this line, but I am happy with just the mist at the moment!

-heavy breathing- The next two products made me speechless. This is because I don’t treat myself often to these brands. Shereen included a SULWHASOO product in my box. SULWHASOO. Even I couldn’t believe it. It’s a deluxe sample of the SULWHASOO Benecircle Massage Cream. There’s some paper tape on it, because Shereen included a little how-to on the back. This is helpful because I have no idea how to use their massage cream, and I wouldn’t want to waste any. If you thought SULWHASOO was bomb. My full size product included in this box is the IOPE Moistgen Eye Cream Skin Hydration! I wanted to try more eye creams out since a lot of sales associates always, always tell me that I don’t need it but I can feel the skin around my eyes and it feels dry :( Thankfully Shereen included this eye cream so I can give it a try and hope that it’s not too creamy for my eyes!

I do planning on ordering another box later on, when my stash reduces itself and I no longer put myself on a no-buy that I’m currently on. When I unboxed this package, I was squealing and jumping up&down with excitement. I was surprised at the things that came in the box and how these were brands and products that I’ve wanted to try for a while. If you get the chance to order this, I’d definitely give it a try. Because you can choose what you want in your box, or you can choose to be surprised!

Thank you for reading!

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