Wishtrend’s elmt – FIRST impressions!

Wishtrend reached out in early April about a new brand launching on their website called elmt! Their goal is to “break way from traditional cosmetic cliches and create skincare products with a new perspective.” The packaging is quite different from a lot of the other brands, but is still simple and clean. They sent me the Skin Activating Solution and the Skin Illuminating Solution. Keep on reading if you’re interesting in knowing what my first impressions of these products are.

Disclaimer: I am not a beauty guru nor expert, and all sorts that fall under that category. These products were provided to me for review purposes. My review, photos, impressions and thoughts are all my own, unless stated otherwise. While this product may or may not have worked for my skin, it may or may not work for yours – remember, your mileage may vary (YMMV)! 
Links: Affiliate links may be in this post. Using these links to make a purchase will give me a small commission which goes back into the blog. If you do not feel comfortable using these links that is completely fine! I will try to put some non-affiliate links throughout my blog as well.

elmt – Skin Activating Solution

This solution is meant for people who have dehydrated or troubled skin types. The instructions say to use this after cleansing (almost like a toner step). It’s supposed to help boost the antioxidant effect and maximize hydration. I have found this to feel quite refreshed. My skin has felt very dry lately, so any extra bits help. So far, I haven’t had any bad reactions to this product. There is minimal to no scent/fragrance too!

Some notable ingredients in this product – Green Tea extract and Skull cap root extract

elmt – Skin Illuminating Solution

This solution is meant for dull and dry skin – so it’s supposed to improve the over complexion of the skin and make it look more healthy and bright. It’s also applied similarly to the other solution, and you can also pair it with the Skin Activating Solution to maximized improvement effects! I have yet to pair them and see if anything happens with it. This also hasn’t irritated my skin so far and there is minimal to no fragrance.

Some notable ingredients in this product – Niacinamide, grape extra, pomegranate extract

Anyways, as always, thanks for reading and I hope you have a great week!

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