Hi there! I see you’ve found your way to my blog – and maybe you are addicted to beauty and skincare like me, and maybe you even have a bit of love for makeup. Welcome! Blogging about cosmetics, and reviewing them was always something that I wanted to do – but didn’t have the confidence to (sounds silly right?). I’m not the greatest writer, and sometimes my thoughts might be all over the place; however, I do hope that while you are here you are able to learn something new about a certain product, thing, brand, and anything really! :)

I don’t bite so please don’t hesitate to drop by and say hello!

A Small Note on my Reviews

Sadly, I’m no expert, no dermatologist, no doctor, no scientist. I’m doing this for fun, to learn, meet and help people along the way. Yes, I’ve also read many blogs when contemplating on purchasing a product within the store! One thing I noticed is that, sometimes you just can’t be bothered to read the whole thing and want to look at how the product is rated. So (insert drumroll, jk), I’ve written my reviews for people who need a quick rating out of 5, because, to be honest, who can be bothered to scroll all the way down a post when you have a sales rep breathing down your neck. I can’t.

You may or may not have also noticed, but I also try not to ‘recommend’ products in my posts. This is relevant to the fact that I’m just no expert, and I don’t feel like I have the expertise to even be recommending products to people. Whether or not you decide to buy products to try, please please please make sure you do enough research and have read enough reviews from other bloggers as well. Everyone’s skin is different, and while something may or may not work for me it may or may not work for you. Be careful out there, be diligent, but most of all have fun while you’re at it! :)