[REVIEW] Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive

A few months ago, Maria from nailpolishcanada.com contacted me to ask if I wanted to try out the Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive. And I thought – why not? My nails are pretty weak and fragile – might mainly be due to some vitamin deficiency. Anyways, when I read how this product is known for healing damaged, split, brittle nails in a few weeks, I was intrigued and wanted to give it a try.

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My Current Toners 2017

Sorry friends! After making the first post on cleansers, I contemplated on whether or not to make one on toners.. but I ended up deciding to. It’s not as crazy as the cleansing one I don’t think? But it’s still a bit long! The step that comes after cleansing, is using a toner. Personally, this is one of my favourite steps, because there are so many options that you can choose from. The best part about this step? It helps prep your skin and rebalances its pH levels for the next steps of your routine. I .. went a little crazy on toners and opened way too many to use at once, but I do use them alternatively at the moment depending on what I’m planning to do in my routine. Don’t be a me and just open 1 or 2 at a time! With that being said, let me introduce you the toners that I am currently trying to get through.

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Buying Beauty Products from… BEAUTYINHANGUK

When I started my blog a year ago, I also discovered the AB community within IG! And from there, that was how I met Shereen. When I went to Korea 2 months ago, I went to a really, really small ‘global’ meet-up with 4 other lovely people who were also into skincare. Shereen was one of them, and she had only recently started her own business called beautyinhanguk. Now, I knew that coming back from my trip I shouldn’t be ordering anything online… but I just had to.

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Buying Beauty Products from… Wishtrend

Around March I made my first ever purchase from Wishtrend’s Online Store. I have been stalking their site for probably 8 months before I actually made my purchase. I did a lot of price comparisons, looked at different websites that sold the same products before making my decision. That is, until I saw their 20th Wish, Try, Love box. If you manage to stick it out to the end of the post, there is a special little surprise! Well, depending on how you feel about surprises of course.

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Basic Skincare Shopping Guide for Seoul, Korea

A few weeks ago, I went to Korea for the first time – mainly to shop, but also sight-see and go to some main touristy destinations. At first, I had planned to buy as much as I could when I got there, but I realised how unrealistic that was because there is no way that I’m going to be able to find everything that I want, let alone being able to use everything up before they expire. So I made a list of brands that I knew I wanted and had to absolutely get, and looked at where I could buy them. Before Korea, I was in Hong Kong for a bit, so I hit up a few shops there to do some price comparisons before I headed to Korea so I knew where to buy what I wanted.

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My Current Cleansers 2017

Recently, I’ve been thinking of doing a “my current” products that I am currently using/testing which might help give you a better idea on how you can rotate the products you have within your routine, and give you a different perspective/idea on when to use which products. This will start from the first step of my routine leading up to my last step :) Depending on how long it takes me to use up my products I might do an annual update or something like that? Anyways, let’s beginning with the first must of every skincare routine – Cleansers!

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[THOUGHTS] RE:CIPE Slowganic Cleanser

Korean products never cease to surprise me – I will be sharing with y’all one of the oddest cleansers I have ever seen. These came as a deluxe sample in the Memebox Sunday Funday box that I bought way back in August. It was tough testing it, because there’s three different kinds in the box and for some reason I lost all the plastic caps that kept the products well protected in its containers except for one – leaving me to only be able to test one cleanser at a time – *cries*. What is this cleanser called? Well.. It’s the RE:CIPE Slowganic Cleanser and it comes in 3 different varieties (Adlay, Green Tea and Lemon).Read More »