Buying Beauty Products from… BEAUTYINHANGUK

When I started my blog a year ago, I also discovered the AB community within IG! And from there, that was how I met Shereen. When I went to Korea 2 months ago, I went to a really, really small ‘global’ meet-up with 4 other lovely people who were also into skincare. Shereen was one of them, and she had only recently started her own business called beautyinhanguk. Now, I knew that coming back from my trip I shouldn’t be ordering anything online… but I just had to.

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Buying Beauty Products from… Wishtrend

Around March I made my first ever purchase from Wishtrend’s Online Store. I have been stalking their site for probably 8 months before I actually made my purchase. I did a lot of price comparisons, looked at different websites that sold the same products before making my decision. That is, until I saw their 20th Wish, Try, Love box. If you manage to stick it out to the end of the post, there is a special little surprise! Well, depending on how you feel about surprises of course.

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Basic Skincare Shopping Guide for Seoul, Korea

A few weeks ago, I went to Korea for the first time – mainly to shop, but also sight-see and go to some main touristy destinations. At first, I had planned to buy as much as I could when I got there, but I realised how unrealistic that was because there is no way that I’m going to be able to find everything that I want, let alone being able to use everything up before they expire. So I made a list of brands that I knew I wanted and had to absolutely get, and looked at where I could buy them. Before Korea, I was in Hong Kong for a bit, so I hit up a few shops there to do some price comparisons before I headed to Korea so I knew where to buy what I wanted.

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My Current Cleansers 2017

Recently, I’ve been thinking of doing a “my current” products that I am currently using/testing which might help give you a better idea on how you can rotate the products you have within your routine, and give you a different perspective/idea on when to use which products. This will start from the first step of my routine leading up to my last step :) Depending on how long it takes me to use up my products I might do an annual update or something like that? Anyways, let’s beginning with the first must of every skincare routine – Cleansers!

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[THOUGHTS] RE:CIPE Slowganic Cleanser

Korean products never cease to surprise me – I will be sharing with y’all one of the oddest cleansers I have ever seen. These came as a deluxe sample in the Memebox Sunday Funday box that I bought way back in August. It was tough testing it, because there’s three different kinds in the box and for some reason I lost all the plastic caps that kept the products well protected in its containers except for one – leaving me to only be able to test one cleanser at a time – *cries*. What is this cleanser called? Well.. It’s the RE:CIPE Slowganic Cleanser and it comes in 3 different varieties (Adlay, Green Tea and Lemon).Read More »