Basic Skincare Shopping Guide for Seoul, Korea

A few weeks ago, I went to Korea for the first time – mainly to shop, but also sight-see and go to some main touristy destinations. At first, I had planned to buy as much as I could when I got there, but I realised how unrealistic that was because there is no way that I’m going to be able to find everything that I want, let alone being able to use everything up before they expire. So I made a list of brands that I knew I wanted and had to absolutely get, and looked at where I could buy them. Before Korea, I was in Hong Kong for a bit, so I hit up a few shops there to do some price comparisons before I headed to Korea so I knew where to buy what I wanted.

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A couple weeks ago, the lovely Anna from styleunderpressure nominated me and a few other bloggers to do -drumroll- The Travel Tag. Anna’s posts are awesome and if you’ve never checked out her blog before, you totally should! Anyhoo, travelling is something that I always wanted to do, but not sure how to approach it in a ‘budgeted’ way. Travelling doesn’t always have to be expensive and one of my friends is great at constantly again and again proving that feat! Hopefully I’ll be able to go to more places in the future, but for now…

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